Hobby Hunt

I am on a hobby hunt spree now. One of the main reasons for that is to keep my sanity. I badly require some distraction from my daily chores. Raising two children both under 3 is no small challenge. Since the time my husband went abroad for his work related duties, I have been having a very hard time. We are staying at our parents’ place. I have all the help that is needed. But as the children are small, they fight for my attention. Both of them want me to do almost all the things for them. The more I insist they take help from their grandparents, the more adamant they get. Finally, it is me who does that task. After a while, I just get tired. This tiredness gets converted to short tempers. I lose my temper for the silliest things ever. Later, I am cross at myself for this behaviour. But the routine just gets repeated over and over.

During the single 1-2 hour break I get when the kids nap, I get some things like bath, laundry done. After that I spend my time browsing the internet. Right when I am in a mood to sleep, one of them gets up. I am back to being grumpy.

Also, I realized that being a mom is a thankless job. Nobody appreciates the good work you do. But, yes, people are ready to point fingers when something is not done. Some of you might wonder why anyone should be appreciated for being a mom. Isn’t that your duty? Yes, I accept that it is my duty. But the child in me wants some recognition for the hours of work I put day in and out. Please do not get me wrong. I enjoy the little things both of them do throughout the day i.e. the hugs, kisses, smiles and numerous other things. I experience unconditional love which only children can shower on mom. I know this phase is not going to last forever and I am cherishing all that. But I do need some break to do something that I like.

Coming back to the subject of hobby hunting, I needed to do something in the little time I have. It should also give me a sense of achievement. Then I decided to learn something new. There were many things interested me  like sewing, flower making, general crafts, fabric stamping etc. With the amount of information available over the internet, if someone is keen enough to learn, it can be done. I decided to try something simple and fool proof. In plain words, I wanted marvelous results with little effort 🙂 Finally I narrowed it down to flower making and fabric stamping.

Now came the difficult part of sourcing the supplies. Since I cannot step out of the house, I decided to look for supplies online. I prepared my list over and over many times and at last ordered them from Itsybitsy. They had almost everything I needed. Shipping was not free though. But I was ready to pay the shipping charges because I will anyway have to shell out a lot more if I am going to take an auto to the nearest craft store (wherever that is). They sent my stuff after nearly 10 days. It seems this is not the usual processing time, but a result of numerous orders during a clearance sale. That was the only problem. By the time the shipment arrived, the enthusiasm had taken a hit. Apart from that, it was a pleasant experience shopping at their website. They had a wide range of goods that one would require for any craft and the packaging was neat. There were no damages to any of the items.Now what? I wanted to try two things. One was to convert a glass bottle into a flower vase and another was to make some flowers out of tissue papers. How did it go? Let us get to that in the next post.


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