Shycart shopping experience and Eco femme cloth pads is a website that helps you order items which you would normally be shy to ask for at the stores. They have a whole range of products under personal care, woman’s care and sexual care. While many online retail stores sell most of these items, some items like pregnancy test kits, ovulation kits, tampons, menstrual cup, sanitary cloth pads etc are only available in a very few websites.

Usually the delivery box of e-commerce sites have the invoice copy with product details like description and cost affixed. Anyone who collects the delivery on your behalf as well as the delivery person would be aware of what is inside. While this is not a big deal when you order electronics, toys, books etc, it makes us self conscious when ordering items like lingerie, sanitary products etc. Shycart promises privacy for the person right till the product is delivered. The invoice copy that will be displayed on the delivery boxes from Shycart claim to just contain the numeric product code, quantity and cost. So neither the delivery person nor the person accepting the box will have a clue of its contents.

The Shycart package

The Shycart package

Now, why I needed to place an order from Shycart. I wanted to try out cloth pads. After using the sanitary products sold in the US, one can easily make out the poor quality (comfort and efficiency) of the same products in India. This despite being sold under the same brand name. Hence inline with my going green initiative, I wanted to try cloth pads. But I was ignorant of their availability in India until a friend recommended it to me and let me know that these are available at Shycart.

So, women like me in India we have the option to use Eco femme cloth pads are manufactured by women’s self help groups that are encouraged by Auroville Village Action Group, an NGO. They have three products viz. panty liner, day pad and night pad. After months of procrastination, I finally placed the order last week.

Due to unavailability of certain products, they shipped out only a part of the order so far. The customer care representative who contacted me for this was polite. As promised, the delivery envelope was white with invoice copy affixed on it. Again as promised, only the product code was printed and hence we get the privacy that was promised. In fact, it was my mother who accepted the parcel. She later asked me what was inside 🙂

The final verdict is, It was a pleasant experience ordering from shycart. Would definitely visit again when need arises. You can check them out here.


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