A Musical beginning

My husband is in Russia on duty now. He will be returning next month. Yesterday, when I was about to sleep, he messaged me saying that he had a surprise in store. I could sense his excitement. But knowing my husband and the fact that surprises and DH don’t go hand in hand, I did not expect anything big. So, I asked him if he did something that would surprise me or he bought a surprise gift. He said he has bought me something and he was not going to tell me what it was. He wanted me to guess it. I listed the usual things viz. clothes, jewelry, watches. He replied in the negative for all these.

My sleepy brain had enough of these blind guesses and asked for some clues. He said that the thing was a masterpiece and required some skill which he hoped I will acquire eventually. Sewing machine was in my wishlist for a long time now, but couldn’t figure out why he would buy it from Russia . Suddenly I was scared that it could be roller skates. He purchased them for him last year and was learning to skate with the help of youtube videos. I was not game for that and hence heaved a sigh of relief when I heard it was not roller skates.

I had a feeling that I am blurting out a lot of things in my “desirable list” in the name of guesses. I did not feel comfortable about letting out so much information. I said that I was done with the guessing business. Finally he said it is an Indoor thing and it was not electronics. Suddenly I remembered that some of his seniors wanted him to buy Pianos for them. So, when I asked if it was related to music, I got a positive reply. I hoped it was a guitar, but it was Piano at the end.

I was not thrilled. In fact, I was damn scared. Would we have a place for a Piano in our small quarters? Did he spend a fortune for this? After I knew the price and seeing a few pictures, I was relieved. But my dear husband was upset that I was not excited. He thought I would like it and I flooded him with questions. I felt bad that I behaved in this way. DH wanted to make me happy. Since I asked so many questions, he decided that I was not happy with his choice.

Today I emailed him saying that I was all happy and excited. I just required some time to digest the information. When someone decides to gift you a thing that you neither had in mind or knew how to use, I guess it warrants for such behavior from the recipient.

Now coming back to the Piano, when in school, I wanted to learn to play the electronic keyboard. But somehow that did not materialize. I did not have enough opportunity to learn music at any point in my life so far. I guess now I can not say that. I am happy that my husband got me this thoughtful gift. It would definitely let me into a whole new world. I have lot to explore, learn about music. Though it would take another 3 months to lay my hands on it, I have already started my research. Wish me luck!


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