Joy of giving and Mom’s iPad mini

Some people just love to give gifts and some people just love to receive. I never knew I am a giving person for a long time. But after picking up a job, this habit started. May be until then, I was worried about being questioned about how I spent my pocket money. After gaining the much needed independence, I indulged in the habit of giving. I am not talking about philanthropy. Rather, It is just about making my near and dear ones happy.

I started with small things like books, watches and mobile phones for my family. Sometimes it was for an occasion. Sometimes it was just another spontaneous decision. I once bought clothes for my grandparents for Deepavali, a Hindu festival. My grandparents were delighted, to say the least. They proudly told the world that their little grandchild bought this. Somehow, I began enjoying the smile on their faces after receiving a gift.

Why am I suddenly talking about giving? Well, yesterday I ordered an iPad mini for my mom. It was yet another spontaneous decision. After the purchase, I had an uncontrollable urge to post about this feeling. I have bought watches and iPod for my mom. One time, I even bought her sarees. But never something very expensive. May be, her requirements weren’t such, or so I thought.
It was only after I bought an iPad last year, my mom got a first hand experience in the world of technology . Of course, I have given her a few lessons on using a PC many years back. But she did not pursue it much. May be, it scared her or confused her. Or, it could have been because of the nature of windows operating system. As we all know, the OS vista asks too many questions.

A tablet is a child’s play nowadays. So, just like how my toddler learnt to operate the iPad, my mom did too. Her areas of interests were limited to watching a few episodes of her favourite serials on Youtube, playing a few games like angry birds, temple run etc. As days went by, my toddler was almost addicted to this iPad. Out of fear, I hid it and thus successfully restricted the iPad time. But if he sees any of us with one, he simply grabs it and does his own business! Needless to say, I get to use mine only when he sleeps. Now, my younger daughter, who is just 14 months old, also started demanding that I let her watch her favourite rhymes on it. Oh my! I get to use it only for an hour or so after both of them call it a night.

Due to these developments, my mom does not get much of a chance to do her things. My dad recently was issued an iPad by his office. But he takes it to his office everyday. Despite having 2 iPads hanging around in the household, my mom does not get much of an iPad time. This has been a case for the past couple of months. Recently, my dad subscribed to various Tamil magazines. Seeing the low subscription cost, my dad and I convinced mom decided to forgo the physical copy of a few magazines that she purchased regularly. But sadly, the truth is, she never gets to read it after the online subscription. Dad suggested her to read the magazine on his laptop. As she is not well versed with the laptop, the tasks seemed very daunting. I felt bad seeing her struggle like that. I opened the website and taught her how to navigate and read. But after a while, she gave up and left the room to do something else.

I was left wondering what could be done. Just because she stays at home and her usage is limited, we are forced to believe that she does not require any expensive gadget. But now, I changed my mind. I had a feeling that her excitement is similar to what we had when we were first introduced into the world of computers and internet. It really opens a whole new world for her. Unlike a PC or a laptop, the tablet is easier to operate. Though she might not use it productively (to be frank, who does? Isn’t it like a toy for the grown ups?), she can independently use it for reading, watching videos, playing games, video calling etc. She might even learn how to use google and get to experience the internet like we do.

I love the experience of an apple product. Though I have not used their laptops and PCs, their phones, iPods and tablets impressed me a lot. My dad always wanted an iPhone, but he felt that they were too pricey. My DH also felt the same. They were delighted when they received them as a gift from me on different occasions. Of course, it was a surprise. For my brother though, I gifted a Samsung tablet for his wedding. It was his choice and not mine 🙂

On similar lines, I ordered iPad mini. I wanted her to experience the best. Flipkart was selling Nexus 7 for less than 10,000 rupees. But somehow I couldn’t get myself buy that. Just after I placed the order, iPad mini with retina display’s release date was announced. It was not going to make me cancel the order. The newer version is going to cost 29,000 rupees. The older version is 7,000 lesser. I thought it was good enough for mom. Hope she likes it! It is going to take another 3-4 days to arrive. I am going to have a tough time keeping mum as it is a surprise gift!


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