The Year that was (2013)

2013 has ended on a wonderful note for me. I learnt a few lessons and I am beginning to understand what is important in life and what is not.

The year started with lots of tears and emotions, if I remember correctly. It was yet another New Year’s eve where my husband and I were miles apart. I was really fed up of what my life was throwing at me. I was in the same state of mind almost till November. Time and again, I used to wonder why God is making me live this lonely life. But right towards the end of the year, I stumbled across an article that discussed memories.

It seems even though we had a happy childhood, years later, when we look back, we only remember the sad and unhappy moments vividly. As soon as I read that, I realized that most people around me, including me, only remember the unpleasant happenings from childhood. Our memories make us believe that we had an unhappy childhood, which is not true. 

It was like a revelation for me. By worrying and feeling sad all the time, we only etch that ‘one unpleasant’ happening in our memories, whereas, the all other happy moments are forgotten.

I then realized that I should try my best and make my children’s childhood happy and memorable. I wanted their memories to be mostly happy. Happiness starts from the phase of ‘being content’. From then, it has become my new motto. Be Content and Be Happy. If I am happy, then they would also learn to be a happy person, isn’t it?

Despite being alone and miles away from my husband on yet another New Year’s eve, I am happy and content of what I have at this moment 🙂 I am surprised that I am not feeling sad and depressed. Wow, what an improvement!

I am ready to welcome 2014. May this year be filled with happiness, good health for everyone! Happy New Year 2014…


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