My GMD red edges are here finally!

After reading ravishing reviews about Green mountain prefold diapers, I wanted to try them for my first child. But I found it expensive as I had to a pay for shipping too. So finally settled for cotton babies’ Indian prefolds which were in the affordable range with free shipping (of course not to India )

I liked them in the beginning, but somehow I felt that it did not hold up well and failed the test of time. This could have been because I was washing with powerful detergents that damaged the fabric. Or it could be because it was washed every other day for nearly nine months.

For my second child, I wanted to try GMD at any cost. I had to see if it lives up to all the hype. When I came to know that my friend is making a trip to India, I promptly ordered for 1.5 dozen at GMD website and had it delivered at her place (I paid for shipping). My daughter is already thirteen months now. So I am hoping that this and the 10 pocket diapers I have now would be sufficient until potty training (My stash size reduced dramatically after all my flats and flip organic inserts were torn into bits with excessive washing)

My friend reached Chennai last night and I got the stuff from her this morning. I was very excited and wanted to prep those immediately. But the incessant rainfall dampened my spirits. I am sure that it would take one full day to dry them. I’ve only one dry rack and it is already full with my children’s clothes that were washed this morning. So with a bit of disappointment I’ve decided to wait until rains recede a bit.

I’ll post the before and after images of the prefolds once I prep them.